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The main kind of activity includes mechanical engineering, instrument making, textile, electrotechnical, ship-building, automobile building, petrochemical industries, capital, transport, etc. In brief it is possible to break the leading conglomerates on the following branches:

In a word, as well as any phenomenon carry both positive, and negative lines. So far the positive side obviously prevozobladat to what the young economy of South Korea clearly testifies. At the same time there are also negative tendencies in development which, I think, can be corrected and turned into advantage. A number of financial and industrial groups already followed a way of radical reforms that speaks about viability and high potential.

The same four holds a leading position in the chemical industry and mechanical engineering, however in these branches export activity is not so active and productive. Development of these markets began rather recently.

look. Strict Confucian approach to development of the state that in our case was transferred to structure, could provide successful development at the beginning of a way to economic prosperity, but is not capable to provide during long time economic success in conditions of the fierce world competition.

Further all in reorganization of management process "Samsung" promoted. Its structure of management looks as follows. The board of directors has committee on management and auditing body in the maintaining. The committee on management, in turn, is accountable to auditing body and controls activity of committees of experts (technical and commercial) and all departments. As a result of reorganization "Samsung" managed to diversify sources of an economic and technological initiative.