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In the painted preparations features of morphology of trichomonads that along with unlimited time of research (contrary to native dab where delivery periods and microscopy by time of preservation of mobility of a trikhomon are done by this method rather convenient for practical conditions rather accurately come to light.

Trichomonads are found at microscopy of the native or painted dabs from a soskob of a mouth (from teeth, gums, from the centers of a and suppuration), in bronchial slime and a phlegm. Detectability increases with application of methods of crops by nutrient mediums.

The intestinal trichomonad has a pear-shaped body 8 — 20 microns long. 5 zhgutik depart from the forward end of a body usually. On the one hand bodies on all its length it is located it is wavy; a membrane (undulating membranes on which outer edge about the thin thread acting as the free end in the form of a zhgutik is. In cytoplasm when coloring the kernel and an axial thread are visible. Movement of a trichomonad active, chaotic, "fussy".

In all cases of 1 —-2 drop of allocations it is necessary to place at once in a drop of isotonic solution of chloride of sodium on subject glass, to cover with integumentary glass and to investigate at average increase (X40, h1 with dry system.

Coloring across Romanovsky yields the best results in modification N. A. Tsagikyan (19 for this purpose the fixed thin dab is painted by 40 min. with paint of the following structure: the water distilled 100 ml, 1% of solution of a carbonate of sodium of 15 drops and paint of Romanovsky 4 ml. On the specified modification zhgutik are painted more accurately, trichomonads become well distinguishable. Kernels are painted in violet and ruby or violet color, cytoplasm — in blue, zhgutik and some other structural educations — in rose-red.