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As process of transformation of the geobiosphere with inevitability proceeds, and together with it there are changes affecting not only one or several types live, separate landscapes, but also global, changing the axiological status of natural regions in general so far as the esthetic image of the planet significantly changes. The destructions put with the person to esthetically valuable environment are caused by development of new types of productions and the active ecologically not predicted use of equipment. At the same time with the changed type of culture and expansion of a valuable outlook the aspiration to satisfaction of esthetic requirements became as it was already noted to take the increasing place in activity of mankind. In this regard interest in opportunities of preservation of the lost values during scientific and technical revolution and the related process of compensation is actual.

On the other hand society influences a native habitat of the person. the history of mankind testifies as to beneficial influence of activity of people on a native habitat, and to its harmful consequences.

Also the soil cover of urban areas is exposed to radical restructuring. On big squares, under highways and quarters, it is physically destroyed, and in zones of recreations – parks, squares, the yards – strongly is destroyed, becomes soiled household waste, harmful substances from the atmosphere, is enriched with heavy metals, nakedness of soils promotes a water and wind erosion.

Thermal influence increases temperature in the city on 3-5C, the bezmorozny period for 10-12 days and snowless – for 5-10 days. Heating and raising of air in the center causes subcurrent it from the suburb – both from a forest-park belt, and from industrial zones.

Pollution of atmospheric air is the most serious environmental problem of the modern city, it causes damage to health of citizens, to the material objects located in the city (buildings, objects,, the industrial and transport equipment,, an industrial output, raw materials and semi-finished products) and green plantings.

As a rule, the atmosphere gas contamination is more in the afternoon, than at night, it is more in the winter, than in the summer, but also the connected, for example, with a photochemical smog in summertime or education over the city of stagnant mass of air at night meet here. For the cities located in climatic zones and which are in specific landscape conditions various types of critical during which the gas contamination of the atmosphere can critical values are characteristic, but in all cases they contact long windless weather.

As show numerous researches, the increased concentration of sulphurous gas in air sharply increases a of metals. So, according to the Swedish researchers, corrosion of carbonaceous steel in the cities with considerable moistening of air and in particular to sea coasts is especially intensive. So, in Stockholm it is observed speeds of corrosion in comparison with Kiruna which is in a subarctic zone, more than by 15 times. Chromeplated a in the same conditions collapse 2-3 times quicker.

Besides improvement of automobiles planning actions, actions for a of management of automobile streams and actions for rationalization of transportations in the city can make a contribution to decrease in a gas contamination of the atmosphere of the cities. Creation in the cities of an automated control system for transportations can sharply reduce run of cars within the city and respectively reduce pollution of its air basin.

The vegetable cover of the cities usually is almost completely presented by "cultural plantings" – parks, squares, lawns, flower beds, avenues. The structure of anthropogenous fitotsenoz does not correspond to zone and regional types of natural vegetation. Therefore development of green plantings of the cities proceeds in artificial conditions, is constantly supported by the person. Perennial plants in the cities develop in the conditions of strong oppression.

Allow me will stop only on some of them. Growth of scales of economic activity of the person, rapid development of scientific and technical revolution strengthened negative impact on the nature, led to ecological disruption on the planet.