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Correction of basic prime cost in connection with improvement of quality of the provided services has to is made only in case costs of increase of potrebitelny properties are not considered in prime cost.

In both cases regulation is osushchstvlyat by special agencies. In the USA these functions are assigned to Fedderalnuyu the commission on communication, Fedderalnuyu the commission of interstate transportations, etc., and also appropriate authorities of states. In Great Britain control over branches where possibility of a monopoly position, so and abuses actually or are potentially great, created by it Management of telecommunication, gas supply, water supply and power supply.

Thirdly, simplification of process of regulation for the companies and regulators. The company can change the level and structure of tariffs on the set formula, and the regulator does not dolzht to participate in wearisome procedures of revision of the prices and detailed consideration of the investment program.

- in all branches of natural monopolies it is necessary to reduce costs and to increase efficiency of managing for what to create incentives to reduction of excessive employment, and also to elimination of ineffective productions.

- the competition can develop in the spheres stated above only if regulators create the corresponding conditions. So, the access to transport systems, and the international and long-distance operators opened, having not discrimination character - open and equal to public networks is necessary for poizvoditel of the electric power and natural gas. A task of bodies of regulation is providing such free access for all potential participants of the market. The licensing procedures defining barriers to an entrance on the relevant markets also have to be open and non-discriminatory.