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The GU functions are realized by means of administrative functions, designating concrete influence legally described in their competence. On an orientation and a place of realization - external and internal; according to the contents and nature of action - the general and specific.

Them collective nature as a form of the organization of administrative activity possesses. ("brainstorming") It is carried out within subordination and it is urged to strengthen it. This integration tool of intellectual and organizational efforts, does not substitute individual activity and responsibility, on the basis of collectively expressed will the corresponding organizer has the most large powers and can act as an edinonachalnik.

– they carry out work which is expressed in justification of the purposes and the directions of social development, the concrete organization and regulation of public activity, consciousness, behavior and activity of millions of people;

Also distinguish: The general style - conventional, shown everywhere, supported by society. Individual - the general style refracted according to specific conditions of administrative activity and qualities of the corresponding heads. Most often mixture of styles takes place.

Criteria: health, quality of life, level of personal and public security, level of economic development of the state, territory, culture education, art, ecological state, extent of development of the rights and freedoms and.

Style - the thought-over and coordinated interaction of administrative elements and human potential, represents specific reflection in the special administrative sphere of society of unity subjective and objective.

Criteria of efficiency represent signs, sides, the parties, manifestations of management by means of which analysis it is possible to determine the level and quality of management, its compliance to requirements and interests of society.

Liberal style lack of initiative and continuous expectation of instructions from above, unwillingness to assume responsibility for decisions and their consequences when they are adverse distinguish lack of scope in activity.

The most generalizing and defining class is made by criteria of the overall social effectiveness of GU. On their basis coherence of society and GU and readiness of GU to ensuring dynamic and harmonious development of society is defined.

Basis of administrative activity - the theory of management (development and adoption of administrative decisions by methods system the analysis. Methods of the system analysis - network planning (in planning of economy), "a tree are more whole" (for an accurate formulation of a problem). Elements of administrative activity: